3 Steps To Fix Facebook Scrolling Problem [2022 UPDATED]

Why Can't I Scroll On Facebook

Why can’t i scroll down on facebook? Social media is a widely used platform; there are different social apps that people use. Everyone has a Facebook account to stay connected with relatives, friends, and businesses in this modern age. If you are handling a business account, there are many ways to enhance social engagements for your brand.

When you open the Facebook app and scroll down, you will find new posts from other people and pages. You enjoy scrolling by seeing funny and exciting information, but sometimes it might not allow you to scroll down due to some issues. You are facing this issue: “can’t scroll down on the Facebook timeline.”

There are some technical problems due to which this problem is happening. It doesn’t matter how big a company Facebook is. It can’t solve the hundred percent of issues that interrupt your experience. There are some steps by which you can get over this problem.

How do I fix Facebook not scrolling?

  1. You have to ensure your browser is up to date, and 2nd thing your connection must be strong.
  2. Try disabling pop-ups and cookies on Facebook.
  3. If your issue is still not solved, you can contact Facebook support for help.

Clear your cookies and cache. If you are facing trouble that your news feed is not loading, clearing it will help you. For this, you have to Facebook.com, click on the three lines at the upper-left corner of the screen, then go to setting, find the cache and cookies and clear it.

Refresh Facebook again and again. It might be helpful for you. If you are still facing the issue, use the third-party browser extension. Try using a different web browser. There are three steps. By following them, you can get over the problem.

1. Clear caches and cookies

The clear cache will delete the data associated with a web and the temporary files that were recent and last views. This will free up disk space and improve the speed of the web page. This is the most valid reason why Facebook is not responding, and you can’t scroll down. Try to get rid of it quickly so you can enjoy Facebook without interruption.

People use different devices and operating systems; it depends on your device to carry out the jobs and eradicate these files.

2. Third-party browser

After trying the first method, if you still face the problem and can’t scroll down the Facebook timeline, if all is well, but your issue still exists, then find out whether you are using any third-party browser extension. If your answer to this question is yes, keep in mind that it will block your experience with this app. You have to disable the add-one/third-party extension. It will help you more, and you will get rid of this now. Check your timeline by scrolling down.

3. Issues of browser

If you have done all by your side and have tried the above two steps but still can’t get rid of the problem, then wait and think about where the problem is. Then you will come to know it’s all about the browser. It’s time to change the browser. Don’t think it was your favorite get rid of it, and there is no use anymore. Change it, try another browser, and then check your timeline by scrolling down.

Let’s suppose all the methods fail, and the issue persists now. What to do? So there is the last option that you can use is to report it to Facebook. Staff will help you on their behalf and try hard to fix your problem. It will help the professionals to fix the issue.

If you want to report the problem on Facebook:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Then go to the setting
  • You will see help and support
  • Click on “Report a problem.”
  • Follow the screen instruction

There are some other problems that a Facebook account may have:

  • Forget password
  • Excessive data consumption
  • Problem with bullying and harassment

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