What is an influencer? Social Media Influencers Defined [Updated 2022]             


Pulling an entire campaign to run a successful business and brand would be best. For this, you are required to work with an influencer. In this way, your campaign will garb the traffic to your account, it will increase the engagements of your account, and you will get a colossal following if you are here with the right influencer.

There are different types of influencers, but you have to choose the right person for the campaign of your business and brand. This is the key to selecting the right person for the right task. It doesn’t matter whether your brand is big or small; influencers are here for you and will lead you to success because they have tips and skills to grab people’s attention.

What is an influencer?

We can define the influencer as someone capable of generating interest in something just by posting about it on social media.

Influencers are the social media celebrities within their niche, and they can act as a brand ambassador for your business because they can build a reputation around a specific place.

You can hire them for your business or brand growth because people listen to them more than you. After all, people trust whatever they promote, and they can share your products with the people in exchange for money.

There will be different benefits that you will get after working with an influencer,

  • They can grab a massive audience for your brand.
  • They will generate beautiful and polished content for you.
  • They know how to use the content across your marketing assists

What are the social media influencers?

Social media is a plate form that is growing day by day. Many people are using social media, and the number of new users is increasing quickly. More than 3.5 billion people are using social media and are active users.

Social media influencers are the social bodies that attract users more than ordinary people on specific topics and posts. Influencers have a reputation for their work and knowledge as well as for their work. They know very well what type of content or social media posts they have to generate, and by that posts, they grab a considerable following.

They have tactics to divert the people’s attention of the people toward anything they are posting, and people value their opinion because they influence the people.

Types of the influencers

You can use different types of influencers to improve your marketing; influencer marketing is essential in the business world. If you spend 20$ on an influencer for your brand marketing, it will give you back 50$. So it is very beneficial to work with an influencer for your business marketing, but the critical point is to get the right influencer.

This is the biggest challenge for the brands to choose the right influencer for the business or brand campaign. This article will share all types of influencers and tell you how you can use them to improve your business marketing.

Four types of influencers by follower count

  1. Nano influencer ( with 1k-10k following)
  2. Micro influencer ( with 10k-100k following)
  3. Macro influencer ( with 100k-1M following)
  4. Mega influencer (1M+ following)

1. Nano influencer (with 1k-10k following)

Nano influencers have followers from 1k to 10k on their social media platforms or their accounts. They have incredible engagement rates and have an engaged social media following. They are very close to their flowers. Typically, Nano influencers are very vocal campaigners of their brand, and their followers trust whatever they are promoting and appreciate their choice and recombination.

Nano Influencer

How to use Nano influencer?

It is effortless to think when to use the Nano influencer because they are at the start of their career and doing very well in this regard and making progress daily. The Nano followers are for you if you have a small business or brand.

To start with the influencer market, Nano influencers are the best option because they are cost-effective. If you want to test or launch a new product with a unique niche, Nano influencers are best for you.

How to find Nano influencers?

There are different social media handles where you can find a Nano influencer, but the best is to go to Instagram. You will find a good Nano influencer because this is the only app becoming most famous for the business. You can easily find them by using social media listing tools.

2. Micro influencer (with 10k-100k following)

Micro-influencers have followers from 20k to 100k. This is the 2nd improvement level of the influencer, and they have more significant social engagement than Nano influencers. When influencers reach this level, they tend to a particular niche.

They have a great target audience and a god fan following at this stage. As they have a high target audience that a brand needs for its product, brands should create a sponsorship with these influencers

micro influencer

How to use a micro-influencer?

Micro-influencers are the next-level influencer of the Nano. They have a more significant number of followers that will be fruitful for the brands and business, they are also very close to their followers and love them and the same response they are getting from their followers.

If you are generating a focused lead, then micro followers are here for you, and you will get the best from them because they have a close relationship with their followers and enjoy a lot with them.

How to find a micro-influencer?

You have to find it out; it’s not tricky; firstly, try to find it from your followers. It will be perfect if the influencer is from your followers, and the 2nd way is a social listening tool that will help you to find a micro-influencer for your brand.

3. Macro influencer (with 100k-1M following)

Macro influencers have followers from 100k to 1M. They have a broad area of the target audience than the micro-influencer. They are the social media stars, podcasters, and vloggers; macro-influencers have a great and strong relationship with their followers.

Macro influencers can develop their followers over the years and years by nourishing the relationship. They have a significant number of followers, so they have a relatively low engagement rate. You can say they are celebrities and the internet made them.

macro Influencer

How to use Macro influencer?

Macro influencers have a significant fan following, so you can use them for the awareness of your brand because they will do this in a powerful way that will be fruitful for your brand and business. Macro influencers have a massive audience, so they can make your brand engagements to more people.

You have to increase your engagement rates to use the strong relationship of the macro influencer to boost your brand reach, as their rates will be high than the micro-influencer. Hence, you have to pay attention to this because they will give you a massive result in the form of several customers.

How to find Macro influencers?

For this task, you do not need hard work because they are popular bodies on social media for their content. They are famous social media celebrities in their range because they work as YouTubers, TikTok, vloggers, and bloggers.

You can easily find them directly from their account or use the hashtags relatable to your brands or business to discover the macro influencers.

4. Mega influencer (1M+ following)

Mega influencers are celebrities worldwide; they are famous, and it’s not difficult to find them. They have followers’ that are in millions. You must have a healthy budget for the mega influencer to afford them.

The important thing is there should be a broad audience that is attracted by the mega influencer because you are investing a lot for this to grow the customers and engagements of your brand.

mega influencer

How to use Mega influencer?

Suppose you are a business tycoon and give more awareness to the people about the brand or business. In that case, mega influencers are here for you because they have vast and massive followers, it will be easy for you to work with them to promote your brand.

They will show your product to their followers, which means in front of many eyes, and he will be great full for you that it is the promotion of your brand, and you will get lots of customers after working with the mega influence.

How to find Mega influencers?

They are famous personalities, and it’s not hard to find them. They have their social accounts with verifications.

8 Types of influencers by content

  • Bloggers/Vloggers
  • Photographer
  • Fashion
  • Parenting
  • Gamers
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Travel
  • Beauty

1. Bloggers/Vloggers

The most famous and popular influencers are bloggers and vloggers. They create highly informative content and some creative, fun content according to their niche. They are experts in their work and active on different social media plate forms.


Brands do partnerships with them so that they review the product or recommend it to their followers; it will increase the brand’s engagement because influencers motivate their followers to get that product, and many of them get motivated.

2. Photographer

Photographers are some of the best visual content creators. They tend to the branded camera and promote the brand for the company’s lenses, cameras, and other accessories. They are creating stunning content. Sometimes these influencers come here after failing in Nano or micro influencing; they pick a camera from some brand just for the promotion.

photographer influencer

3. Fashion

Fashion influencers’ primary focus is on getup accessories, like clothing, shoes and jewellery, watches, and many other products. These influencers are followed mainly by women because women are more fashion-oriented than men.

When these influencers recommend some brand, followers try it too; brands work with these influencers to get a large number of engagements and customers for their brand.

Fashion Influencers

4. Parenting

Influencers act like guides to the new parent and share their stories about being a parent, like what led to the successful parent and what caused the failures.


5. Gamers

There are a lot of influencers who are gamers and have a large number of followers who are engaging in gaming. They often promote the video games related to the product and vehicles, gaming clothes, gaming shoes, and beverage brands, the companies that are making these things work with the influencer to promote their items.

Gaming Influencer

6. Fitness

These influencers can cover different niches. Different types of exercises can make you fit:

  • Running
  • Weight loss
  • Weight lifting
  • Cross fit
  • Healthy lifestyle

fitness influencers

Fitness influencers are a big source of motivation for their followers. Sports, drinks, and food brands are relatable to these influencers to make the promotion of their product.

7. Travel

Travel influencer tells about travel tips and tricks. It reviews after travelling; sometimes, they use bikes for travelling and other accessories like helmets and shoes. The brands or companies making these things are relatable and work with these influencers to get more engagements for their brand.

travel influencer

8. Beauty

After the fashion influencer, this is 2nd influencer followed by the women. About 43% of users are here to follow the beauty influencer. These influencers share beauty tips, and beauty products of some brands are made by themselves.

beauty influencer

Many people in their follower list are professional makeup artists with no gender preference. Is there anyone who loves beauty are their followers? And companies or brands that make up beauty products work with them for their product’s promotion.

By the level of the influence


Celebrities are authentic influencers and have an essential role in influencer marketing. Businesses and brands have sure about the influencer market. They say that their sales usually rise when they use celebrities to promote the products. Celebrities are personally interested in the advertisement of brands or products.

Traditionally celebrities show their most interest in this campaign and come cheaply. If a star is already using the product, they are prepared well for this advertisement. They have a very range of followers, so it is essential for the brand how many people a celebrity will grab for that brand. It is very fruitful for the brand to use them for business influences.

Thought leaders 

Leaders are another types of influence that are followed by a vast number and just equal to the celebrities like CEOs, Fonder, spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. They are the most experienced people and have a close relationship with their followers. People love and like them very much.

Personality like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and many others are considered thought leaders who can influence the world.


What is an influencer?
Influencers are the social media celebrities within their niche; they can act as a brand ambassador for your business because they can build a reputation around a specific place.
What makes a person an influencer?
The quality of the content he is creating, if it is going to be viral and people like him very much just because of his range, makes a reputation of that particular person. And the second thing is the fan following. It is increasing daily, with a large number of people becoming influencers.
What are examples of influencers?
There are many examples of influencers, but the main ones are Nano influencers, micro-influencer, macro-influencers, and mega influencers.
What is the role of the influencer?
The influencer’s role is significant; he can divert the followers’ attention towards what he wants, and the people value his opinion and quickly go for it. An influencer has this ability.
Do influencers get paid?
Yes, of course, they are paid, but it depends on the category in which type he is laying, and according to that, he gets paid by brand/businesses.
Are You Tubers influencers?
No, I’m not a tuber influencer. I’m a content writer who will influence people by creating quality content.
What do influencers do all day?
• They are doing hard work. They have to create exciting content for their followers so that they enjoy it with them and will grab more traffic towards their account.
How you can make money as an influencer?
Influencers are making money by creating content and agreements with different brands and receiving commissions on sales.
Who is the most significant influencer?
A mega influencer is the most significant influencer because they have more than one million followers.
Who are the famous influencers?
The 1st influencer is Cristiano Ronald, with 57M followers. On the 2nd no, there is Justin Bieber with 455M followers. On the 3rd no, there is Ariana Grande, with 429 followers


Anyone that influences the people, the influencer is a person who is capable of generating interest in something just by posting about it on social media. There are different types of influencers, but you have to choose the right person for the campaign of your business and brand. Influencers are a significant source to grabbing the audience to your brand or business. It does not matter what type of influencer you want to choose. Just focus on the number of the audience he is getting towards your brand or business.

People or their followers trust them because they have a solid and close bond. They value the influencer’s opinion and do what the influencer expects from them because of the trust. Influencer marketing is the best for any business and brand.