The Benefits of Using an Instagram Management Tool

10 Reasons Why You Need an Instagram Management Tool

Did you know that over one billion people actively use Instagram every month? Whether you’re running a business or establishing your personal brand, Instagram is an important platform to use actively. But we all know that creating carousels, graphics, reels, and stories every day can be tough. To make it worse, you must engage on others’ posts so your profile remains active and keeps getting traction.

That’s where Instagram marketing tools come in. They let you schedule all your upcoming content so your followers keep growing on autopilot – even when you’re busy doing something more important or procrastinating. In this article, we’ll look at the top reasons why having an Instagram marketing tool is a must-have for fast yet effective Instagram growth. Let’s dive in.

Why Having an Instagram Management Tool is Worth It

Below are the top reasons why you need an Instagram management tool.

Schedule Content Ahead

Schedule Content Ahead

It happens to the best of us: one day we promise ourselves to publish content every day for the next few weeks or months. But a few days later, we get busy with some other tasks, and the momentum breaks. This not only annoys your die-heart followers but also leads to demotivation and procrastination for you.

With an Instagram marketing tool, you can plan your content ahead when you have a few hours free (on a weekend, maybe). The tool will automatically publish your posts and stories on time, without requiring your attention. You can not only schedule posts, reels, and stores using an Instagram tool but you can also schedule timely Instagram bios.

Create and Maintain a Content Calendar

Creating and maintaining a content calendar is essential for any effective social media strategy. This allows social media marketers to schedule pieces of content according to the nature of the days they’ll be published for maximum effect. For instance, having a content calendar will help users schedule a relevant post on the day of an event.

Furthermore, having a content calendar helps you streamline your content creation and publishing process. For example, you’ll be able to gather dozens of post ideas at once and create posts around them one by one, following the content calendar. This will ensure all your posts, reels, and stories are published on time.

Publish Across Multiple Platforms

Publish Across Multiple Platforms

You see, different social media platforms target different types of audiences and have the varying potential for your brand’s growth and recognition. Most social media tools on the internet allow for managing multiple social media platforms so you keep growing across multiple networks.

Let’s say you want to publish the same stories across Facebook as well as Instagram at once – a social media management tool will let you do that. Similarly, you’ll be able to publish the same posts across different social media channels effortlessly. This way, you’ll be able to save many hours each week to create more content and grow faster.

Handle Multiple Accounts From One Place

If you provide an Instagram management service or have multiple accounts of your own, managing them separately can be a hurdle. It’s because you’ll have to keep switching between both accounts to create posts, engage with followers, upload stories, and schedule content.

With an Instagram management tool, you’ll be able to manage your or your clients’ different Instagram profiles using the same dashboard. This means you’ll be able to switch between different accounts with the click of a button to check analytics, schedule content, and more.

Analyze Results to Improve

Analyze Results to Improve

An effective Instagram management tool will give you insights into how well your posts performed, how many likes they got, how many comments they acquired, and much more. Heck, you’ll even be able to track your story metrics – the views, the skipping frequency, and whatnot.

Keeping an eye on analytics will help you understand what the audience wants. Once you start taking notes from data and implement everything you learn as you go, you’ll keep improving over time. This will ensure you get the maximum results (followers, engagement, conversions, etc) with minimum content effort.

Ensure No Message Goes Unreplied

With a social media manager, organizing and replying to communications gets easier. Though most businesses avoid replying to prospects’ and customers’ social media chats in the most, that approach is rapidly changing. It’s because most prospects find a new brand through a social media platform and tend to ask their questions regarding the advertised product/service through a social media chat.

Businesses who actively reply to their social media chats as a customer support channel are bound to enjoy better brand recognition, trustability, and authority than businesses that don’t. With a social media management tool, you’ll rest assured knowing all your business communications are organized and get your immediate attention so you never miss on a potential client.

Automatic Content Repurposing

Automatic Content Repurposing

Content creators often say that no one remembers the pieces of content they published months ago. And as you might run out of content ideas along the way, repurposing your old content into another form or simply reposting it will be effective. It will ensure your followers remain engaged and will keep your profile active.

Many Instagram marketing tools let you select old posts when scheduling content ahead. Similarly, you’ll be able to look through your older posts and quickly repurpose them before scheduling, to give your followers a change of taste.

Easy Team Collaboration

If you work as a team, you might know how time-consuming it can be when all team members manage the social media handles separately. An Instagram management tool will ensure your team manages the different social media platforms and profiles from one place, leading to maximum productivity. What’s more, the members will be able to collaborate and communicate together for streamlined content creation and publishing.

Effective Reputation Management

If you’re a large firm that wants to ensure no negative comments regarding your brand are left unanswered, an Instagram management tool will help. Such a tool will help you track all the comments and posts through your brand’s keywords (like Cocacola). This way, you’ll be able to respond to negativity in a positive way to maintain your brand’s image.

Report Scammers

An Instagram management tool will make it easier to find people who copy your content so you can report them to the Instagram team. Similarly, such a tool will help you find people who falsely represent your brand to scam your followers and leads. For instance, if you sell a particular course and market it through Instagram, there may be fake profiles pretending to be you and selling the same course.

Best Instagram Management Tool – Gramyfied

Best Instagram Management Tool – Gramyfied

Gramyfied is among the finest Instagram management tools on the internet, offering a detailed engagement toolkit and a great content scheduling solution. Using Gramyfied, you can quickly and easily schedule content ahead on multiple Instagram and Facebook profiles – right from your smartphone or computer. 

Alongside regular posts, Gramyfied also lets you plan and schedule reels, stories, and carousels – giving you the freedom to create a mix of content. Furthermore, you also get dedicated storage (capacity depends upon the plan you pick) so your posts are scheduled regardless of any other tool like Google Drive.

Gramyfied Pricing

We at GrammyField offer different plans for all needs. Here are the details of all our Instagram Management Plans:

  • Beginner – $19/mo. Offers a single account + 250 GB storage.
  • Influencer – $49/mo. Offers 5 accounts + 500 GB storage.
  • Agency – $99/mo. Offers 10 accounts + 950 GB storage.

Click here for a detailed overview of the features included with these plans.

Benefits of Gramyfied

Here are the top reasons why Grammyfied is worth it:

  • Schedule your Instagram & Facebook content in advance
  • Manage multiple accounts & platforms from one dashboard
  • Enjoy automation with Super Like, Super Follow, and Super Comment features
  • Quickly create and search hashtags
  • Enjoy a free trial with no credit card needed
  • Easily use keywords to find certain posts & accounts
  • Get detailed analytics of your profiles, posts, stories, etc

If you’re interested in saving many hours each week spent on content creation and publishing, CLICK HERE to register at Gramyfied today. With a free trial available, there’s no reason not to check out Gramyfied.