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TBT Meaning

Are you looking for TBT Meaning? TBT (Throwback Thursday) is a trend where users post memories or recollections of the past on Thursday under the #throwbackthursday or #tbt. Two social media platforms are trendy for tagging photos with hashtags: Twitter and Instagram. When you are using these hashtags, it means you are increasing the exposure for your content.

We know how humans love to dive into nostalgia, and this is an exciting activity when you are going to make a recollection of your memories. If you have an understanding of who is your target audience, then it will be helpful for you to develop an attractive social media content strategy. Another meaning of the TBT could be nostalgia-based marketing.

What is the history behind Throwback Thursday?

Let’s make it clear from where this term originated. The reason is not unknown here. I am going to tell you about the history of Throwback Thursday. According to TIME, it started with a blog called Nice Kicks. In 2006 they were posting photos of old basketball footwear on Thursday. This series was titled “Throwback Thursday.”

After this, a guy named Bobbysanders22 brought the term on Instagram, and here is the point when its popularity began to rise because he used it to hashtag a photo of Hot Wheels toy cars (February 2011). The trend was born outside social media but gained popularity on the significant social app Instagram. TBT has been used over 500 million times on Instagram.

History behind throwback thursday

Reasons to consider using TBT.

TBT is the first and foremost hashtag proven by time and is still trending. We all are familiar with it on other social media too. The most crucial asset for social media is engagement, and these hashtags can play an essential role in grabbing the audience and increasing brand awareness. Nostalgia-based marketing can be effective with the current algorithms on Instagram and Facebook.

Here I am going to tell you some reasons why you should consider TBT:

  1. Increase engagements
  2. Audience growth
  3. Brand awareness
  4. TBT rules
  5. Hashtags
  6. Formats

1. Increase engagements

There is a spark in the old conversation. Social media influencers incentivize people to provoke nostalgia because it induces feelings. It is noticed on Twitter that people using hashtags are getting more engagements than those not using them; hashtags will increase your 50% audience.

2. Audience growth

No doubt, old pics bring inspiration, so share your old pictures with an interesting caption and use the TBT hashtag. These are the most popular hashtags on Instagram that will grab a lot of audiences. People will be inspired by your posts if you make them attractive. Using the hashtag will make your posts available to others’ feeds. After getting inspired by your posts, people will follow you.

3. Brand awareness

You can share your brand’s old pictures and stories using the TBT hashtag, which will tell the other user about your brand and where it comes from. TBT hashtag lets you establish a strong business; Throwback has storytelling elements, so you can tell many things about your brand and business and add photos and videos with a description. This will increase the awareness of your brand, and you will grab more audience.

4. TBT rules

As its name suggests, that collection of old pictures must be shared on Thursday only. This is the rule of the TBT, so I am here to encourage you that post the content on a relevant day.

5. Hashtags

Ensure you use #TBT and #ThrowbackThursday in your content while posting. This will increase your engagement and be available to the feeds of other people who are not your followers.

6. Formats

Your format style must be eye-catching. It depends on which formatting style you choose, and it can be photos, videos, text, or audio.

TBT Checklist

Create a story that attracts other people, and they are happy to share it, come up with the key things that represent your brand or business story. Your content must fulfil the TBT criteria outlined below:

  • Past: Make sure your content is old. TBT’s aim is for an aged content at least two-three years old.
  • Relevance: There should be content relatable to your brand or business so your audience can relate it to your business.
  • Curiosity: add some exciting things that happened to you, the past situations your business faced, and how you got out of them.
  • Excitement: you have to highlight the point relatable to another nostalgic feeling. This will raise potential in the discussion.

What are alternatives to the TBT?

There is no strictness that you have to stick with Thursday to run the nostalgia-based campaigns, and you can get the same results by using some alternatives that are as follows:

  • #MondayMemories
  • #TakeMeBackTuesday
  • #WayBackTuesday
  • #FlashBackFriday

alternative TBT

Additionally, you can use other hashtags that are not fixed with a specific weekday, like #latergram or #OnThisDay, so you can choose them by highlighting your special day.

  • #latergram applies to moments that recently happened
  • #OnThisDay is usually used for the anniversary

Onthis day tbt

TBT’s best ideas and examples

There are some best TBT ideas with the best example that we fund on social media, we have learned about the rules and the reasons to create a TBT campaign, and now we will discuss some critical ideas that are followed:

  1. The staff and customers
  2. Events
  3. Locations
  4. Millstones and achievements
  5. Reintroduction
  6. Advertise TBT

1. The staff and customers

Staff is the backbone of your business, so they are an exclusive asset of the company; there are many memories of the company with the employees on events like parties, dinners, or other enjoyment like tours and games. Share the little fun that is behind the seen in the form of photos or videos.

Customers are the basis of any business, and their experience speaks about the reality and consistency of your business. Why not share pictures and videos of them? Post some shoots with real people who once committed to your business’s prosperity.

Following Disney, many people met legendary lyricists who made their favorite characters sing; these sweet feelings are hard to express, thanks to Disney’s fun childhood in the comments.

staff and customers

Another exciting thing is if you have an old team photo, like in a Google post. It will show that you have ethical principles in your business.


If you are a founder, don’t forget about yourself, you will have an incredible story with your fans or some behind the scene photos,

2. Events

Events are the most exciting things that will give you colossal TBT content. Just recall events connected with your business and near to come, have a slight look if there is a shot of that event from back in the day. Events are great things to combine hashtags.

Share the yesteryear events with your audience. Such material finds extra attention and inspires your audience to participate in current events at your venue. Don’t forget to use the TBT hashtags.


Most channel house constantly reminds us about their memories and tells us what impact their brand or business have on the fashion industry. It will show your business’s strength and raise the followers’ trust.

Suppose you are a specialized person in some particular field. In that case, you can take your audience’s attention to past events. Discovery Channel has always been sharing information with us about the most valuable events around the world, and this attitude of the discovery channel of taking care of people’s knowledge makes its follower loyal to the channel.


3. Locations

The location of your business is significant for TBT content, and there will be a different forms of your location throughout the year. Construction photos and you might even have archival footage of your location’s various forms during the year. This could be your ThrowbackThursday photos.

For the TBT, you have to reveal how your first location used to look. Give your fans and followers a chance to walk memory lane and learn about the old construction, which will be an exciting activity for your audience. The Hotel National demonstrates a perfect example; the old photo makes its audience rank it as a city monument and adds historical value.

historical location


If you are doing an online business and have never had a physical location, you can still use #TBT like Google. You can tell the people about your previous experience with the website when they only permit you primitive design and graphics.

Location tbt example 2

4. Millstones and achievements

Instagram is providing you the best opportunity in the form of #TBT to celebrate your business attainments with your audience. Archive content indicates the success of your business and tells you worked hard for these pleasuring results. Further, you can add all the exciting and hurting experiences and other interesting things that happened to your business,

Tell them how you started and what milestone is behind your business, and discuss the most significant turning point that has determined your business performance. Here, the NYT Magazine shows that they always aspire from the beginning in the most modern way.

milestone tbt example

5. Reintroduction 

If your brand is too old and there is a list of retired products or services, reschedule a campaign. There is a possibility that maybe your customers are missing those things. The easy way to ask the customer is to create a post and ask your followers about that product. This is the better option instead of taking a risk.

reintroduction tbt example

This will increase engagement rates, and you will get feedback about the product.

6. Advertise TBT

The old pictures become noticeably outdated as the year go on and will be an eye-catching element for the viewers. Try to include past aspects that people will see in an ad, on the TV, or in the newspaper that is interesting for those who want to see them, enhancing engagement. Nostalgia triggers everyone. You can even turn the post into an out-of-date ad. Advertisement is a way to tell others about business and what your business is about, which is an essential part of any business.

advertise TBT

Additional Suggestions for TBT

Do something beyond visual and text content, think about the rebirth days, share some analytical thoughts, and ask followers for social opinions to go further for your brand image. Asking for suggestions is a considerable segment you can get for your business and brand.

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What does TBT mean on Instagram?
ThrowBackThursday is the abbreviation of TBT, and it is a social media trend where people share old images with this #TBT. This hashtag is fixed with the only day of the week, which is Thursday.
What is a good TBT?
Good TBT reaches the most engagements and will give you more followers.
What do TBT and FBF mean?
TBT stands for Throw Back Thursday. FBF stands for Flash Back Friday<br /> [/ps_faq]</p> <p>
According to Lifewire, Clarendon is the best Instagram filter because of its slightly oversaturated appearance and high-contrast impact. The Clarendon filter gives your shot a chilly hue, yet the flesh tones stay warm and realistic.
Is TBT still a thing?
This is a hashtag that is still used for old memories; When you use these hashtags, it means you are increasing the exposure for your content.
How do you do throwbacks on Instagram 2022?
To do a throwback on Instagram, you can use the “add a post” feature and select the throwback option. You can also use the “share to” part.
Who started TBT?
According to TIME, it was created with a blog called Nice Kicks. In 2006 they were posting photos of old basketball footwear on Thursday. This series was titled “Throwback Thursday.”



ThrowbackThursday (TBT) is the first and foremost hashtag proven by time and still trending. These hashtags are used for the recollection and memories. There are two social media platforms that are very popular for tagging photos with hashtags: Twitter and Instagram.

When you are using these hashtags, it means you are increasing the exposure for your content. Most channel house constantly reminds us about their memories and tells us what impact their brand or business have on the fashion industry. By using #TBT, you can increase your engagements.