Social Media Post Approvals & Collaboration

Seamless Social Media Post Approvals

Nobody has time to wait for social media approval on posts and Reels from clients and colleagues. Gramyfied offers an easy-to-use branded portal to get your social media post approvals. Get timely approvals, save time, and create more quality content.

The Best Post Approval Instagram Tool

With the Gramyfied social approval feature, you can streamline internal and external workflow by sharing Instagram posts and Reels with clients. Clients can use this tool easily to approve Instagram content in no time.

Collaborate on Post Planning and Social Approval

Using Gramyfied, you and your client can easily plan your Instagram content and work on organized post approvals. You don’t have to wait for days for clients to review the spreadsheets and respond to emails to get one post approved. Now, you can create a real-time branded portal where you and your client can collaborate, and you get instant social media post approvals.

Keep All Channels Synced

Gramyfied has your back when it comes to planning and posting content on multiple channels. Using this amazing tool, you can post Instagram posts, Stories, Reels, Facebook posts, Tweets, Google My Business content, and LinkedIn pages and profiles.

People Also Asked

What is an Instagram collaboration?

Instagram collaboration or Instagram collabs is a new feature on Insta that allows brands to access a pool of fresh followers by collaborating with influencers. It means a brand co-authors a post or Reel with an influencer, marketer, or another brand. When the collaborator accepts and approves the post, it appears on both accounts.

What does DM for collabs mean?

In the comment section under Instagram posts, Stories, or Reels, you’ll see a comment “DM for collabs.” Theoretically, it indicates that the commenter wants you to send them a direct message (DM) on Instagram to collaborate on a post or Reel. However, before DMing anyone for collaboration, make sure the account looks legit.

How do you ask for collaboration on Instagram?

Writing “DM to collab” under a brand or influencer’s post may or may not get you an opportunity. So, try a more sophisticated way of approaching your desired account after doing some homework about their product/service. You should identify a suitable account, evaluate their followers, and pitch your collaboration only if they both resonate with your content.

How do you request approval for branded content on Instagram?

To request social media approval for branded content, you need to open the Settings page of your Instagram business profile. Tap on Business and select Branded Content. Here, you can see if the Require Approvals button is toggled on or off.

Can I add collaborators after posting?

No, you cannot add collaborators to your Instagram post or Reel after publishing. You have to add all collaborators to your post or Reel before publishing it on your feed.