Best Instagram Username Ideas + How to Choose One?

Instagram Username Ideas

There are many things to consider regarding your Instagram user name because this is the first impression of your account. You must pick a perfect Instagram name for a unique Instagram account. For this, you need some good ideas to help you select an excellent reputation for your Instagram username.

Your Instagram account works as your identity where other users will know all about you.

Whether you are a fresh user who wants to create a new Instagram account or you already have an account and want to update it, you need some creative ideas that will be helpful for you in this task. There are different categories of Instagram usernames, and it’s your choice what you want to choose.

How to choose the perfect Instagram name?

The first thing people will see on your accounts is your Instagram username, so it must be a proper Instagram name. It should not be so long. Don’t use an extra character for your name. Make it pretty straightforward. It may be a single name without using anything different, but keep in mind it should be beautiful and attract other people.

There is some critical point that will help you more when you are starting an Instagram:

  • Make it clear your account will be a personal account where you will upload your photos only, or it will be a business account.
  • Add your plans according to your business account.
  • There should be consistency in your username for all your social media accounts.
  • If you start a private account, you can use your or your nickname.
  • You can use some keywords and a code word for your Instagram username.
  • When you decide on the Instagram username next, you must think about how to organize it decently.
  • Make sure your name is easy and clear so that other users will find it.
  • Your name must be catchy.
  • Now check the availability of the name; if you have difficulty finding this, use the punctuation. It will improve the Instagram handle by making it more intelligible.

What is the importance of an Instagram username?

The answer to this question is that Instagram will be the most crucial social media for businesses and brands. There are lots of people on Instagram that are active and searching for some e exciting things. If you make your username perfect and engaging, they will find it and come to your profile to watch your activity, and if you have some business account, they will look into your brand or business.

The main important thing about Instagram is that you can do business by using it; for this purpose, you must have consistent posts. Your profile is another critical thing that will grab the traffic for your account, so make it pretty perfect so that people will follow you by finding it fascinating.

There is a more active member on Instagram than on any other social media plate form. Recent reports show about 1.393 billion monthly users are active on Instagram, which means that more than 900 million users of Instagram interact with the brands. These are the most important things that people use this are millions in number, so you might have a good and successful experience if you will start your business on it.

So make your user name pretty simple for these users. This is the perfect way to engage with more people. When you have more engagements, then automatically, you have more followers. When you have more followers, you have more customers for your brand, so here is the success of using Instagram as a business account.

Things that make Instagram username good

A good username will give an excellent impression of your account, it is pretty challenging to choose a good name for the Instagram username, but after some hard work, you will get a perfect reputation.

  • The main thing is that it should be relevant to your account.
  • It must be an iconic
  • Short and catchy
  • It should be simple, unique and easy to remember
  • It must be Recognizable
  • Don’t choose a username that has no expression

Instagram username ideas for personal profiles

If you are a new user and want to make a personal profile, the good thing is that you start it with your name. Still, it might be possible that some other user has already taken your name, so don’t be worried. There are different ideas to get a catchy title for an Instagram username.

Using your real name will make it easy for people to find you. You can use your nickname or any other keyword that defines you in the best way. It all depends on your choice of what you want to write in your username for Instagram.

There are some ideas for the personal account

  • Use of unique characters like @zam-king
  • Input your middle name instead of your full name like @zamking
  • Use a nickname if you have like @zamyking
  • Swap the letters and enjoy it like @mazgink
  • Use some rhyming words with your name, like @mazsingking
  • If you have some favourite colours or things, then try to put them in your username like @blackzam
  • Use a different language. Just pick your favourite word from there and put it with your name.

What are the username ideas for a brand?

An Instagram profile is the first impression that tells other users about you and your brand. Your profile also tells others the purpose of your account and why you are here. If this is a business account, your name must be professional and eye-catching, attracting more people so that you can make more customers.

You have to fit your brand name within your username to be reachable. Finding a luxury name for the Instagram handle is a complex step, but there are many tricks you can use to find out the best and perfect username for your brand.

Instagram username ideas for brand

There are some username ideas for the brand.

  • Lavish lavishness (@Lavishlavishnes)Wanton (@wanton)
  • Own (@own)
  • Luxurious Group (@Luxuriousgroup)
  • The wasteful (@thewasteful)
  • Sweet Fancy (@sweetfancy)
  • Much luxury (@muchluxury )
  • The Beaded (@thebeaded) The Sized (@thesized)
  • The Great (@thegreat)
  • Hot Grip Spot (@hotgripspot)
  • The Own (@theown)
  • Curious (@curious)
  • Bagful Pro (@bagfulpro)
  • Boyish Florid (@boyishflorid)
  • Idle Lavishness (@idlelavishness)
  • Vagrant Fussy Co (@vagrantfussyco)
  • Pantie Fancy (@pantiefancy)
  • Purse Group (@pursegroup)
  • Unbridled’s De Luxe Spot (@unbridleddeluxespot
  • Stanley Fancy (@stanleyfancy)
  • The Peculiar (@thepeculiar)
  • Graceful (@graceful)
  • SilkenBag (@silkenbag)
  • The Playful (@theplayful)
  • Roman De Luxe Place (@romandeluxeplace)
  • Chamois (@chamois)
  • Fleeting Fad (@fleetingfad)

Cool Instagram user name ideas

  • @ rainbowsalt
  • @ comefeelme
  • @ on
  • @ lovers land
  • @ vintage Paris
  • @ darksun
  • @ latenightcity
  • @ 032c
  • @ ihateblond
  • @ loveseeker
  • @ decentmind
  • @ browneyes
  • @ comfort zone
  • @ peaceful mind
  • @ sunshine light
  • @ blommingmind
  • @ openair
  • @ sunfaze
  • @ studio
  • @ risingwomam
  • @ rising star
  • @ playa
  • @ greeenfuture
  • @ them
  • @ black eagle
  • @ eaglewy

Cute Instagram username ideas

  • @ love hunter
  • @ angleheart
  • @ rubysunn
  • @ twinesforfshion
  • @ flowerbean
  • @ sunshinegyspy
  • @ theseaflies
  • @ poketo
  • @ junemoment
  • @ winterlover
  • @ poketo
  • @ houseofhoney
  • @ withmercii
  • @ moonjuice
  • @ hazeleyes
  • @ more light
  • @ sunrisehack
  • @ sharinggenes
  • @ busyreading
  • @ style lover
  • @ book aesthetic
  • @ selfcareforyou
  • @ liveincool
  • @ mirrorsreflection
  • @ justonemorepage
  • @ busy mind
  • @ flightsfeeling

Classy Instagram username ideas

  • @ fair-marble
  • @ fizzberwyn
  • @ decorticate
  • @ diffugient
  • @ goldthoughts
  • @ goldenrod
  • @ happy saint
  • @ graptomancy
  • @ fair-marble
  • @ genius-mind
  • @ gladiator
  • @ forecastle
  • @ exergue
  • @ exergue
  • @ donnism
  • @ famekicose
  • @ happy-saint
  • @ apotropaic
  • @ awesome-whisper
  • @ bartisan
  • @ claustral
  • @ cokeangolan
  • @ commorant
  • @ butterfly-on-roze
  • @ adjutant

Best Instagram username ideas

  • @ deadofwrite
  • @ true-living
  • @ chillhouse
  • @ nitch
  • @ babynative
  • @ thedad
  • @ collective world
  • @ girlwithnojob
  • @ big secrete
  • @ velvetcanyon
  • @ rookiemag
  • @ poemslover
  • @ therow
  • @ satiregram
  • @ farfetch
  • @ whats-your- sign
  • @ keem
  • @ filmforher
  • @ somethingnavy
  • @ theperfcrgirl
  • @ moss-Angeles
  • @ dressed
  • @ sadgirlsclub
  • @ thetrendymood
  • @ imaginaryplanet
  • @ soundsgood


What are good Instagram names?
Short Instagram names always look good. There is a list of Instagram user names. Some of them are @accourt, @bronze-gamer, @candycough, @dead ground, @rooster, and @tigger fresh. There should be a purpose behind your user name.
How do I get a unique username?
There are different names on the internet from where you can find a unique and decent name for your Instagram. Try to make it by yourself. If you have some favourite things, like favourite colour, flower or pet, use their name for your Instagram username. for example @blue-eyes
What's a unique username?
A unique name is that which looks attractive to others that grab the traffic because it stands out among others and looks more decent. There is no extra character in it and looks short and perfect.
What are aesthetic usernames?
She uses cute aesthetic and inspirational names for your Instagram usernames, like lovely moo, true beauty, sparkling sky, bright lightening, thunder issued, gold tears, and pastel crimes.
What's a good username for a girl?
There are different categories of Instagram usernames for both girls and boys. For girls, you can use honey bee, elegant face, lethal eyes, Broadway queen, anonymous girl, and diamond girl. Other names are there.
What is a username example?
Sometimes users use the abbreviations of their names. Like a person whose name is a Gold Smith might receive some suggestion like smithG, the last name becomes the first, and the first letter becomes the previous later of his name.
What are some cute usernames?
Cute names give great impressions like a fairy, pretty, honey, blossom, princess, bright lightening and many more.


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Instagram is a portrait that quickly shows the user who you are and what you are about. There is a short introduction of you and the brand you are running; your Instagram bio tells all about you to your followers and other users. Your Instagram user name must be simple and perfect, don’t use extra characters. Make it simple and attractive.

If you are a new user of Instagram, then don’t worry. There are a lot of tricks that you can use to make a perfect Instagram username. The best Instagram user name is short with some keywords or code words. It will boost your account. Make your name as simple as it will be reachable.