Instagram Location Tag: Why It Matters

As a business, adding an Instagram location tag to your posts can be important for two reasons. First, it makes it easier for people to find your business and learn more about it. Second, you can use location tags to increase the engagement rate of your posts. According to stats, Instagram location tags on posts increase engagement by 79%. It means using location tags for Instagram can be highly beneficial for your brand.

This article will discuss the importance of using Instagram photo location tags for businesses and how they can benefit from them. We’ll also provide some tips on how to use location tags effectively.

What are Instagram Location Tags?

Instagram Location Tags are a feature that allows users to geotag Instagram photos with a specific location. This can be useful for businesses that want to promote their products or services in a particular location or for individuals who wish to share their experiences with friends and family. Location tags can also be used to find new friends and followers who live near you.

When you use location tags for Instagram photos, the location will be visible at the top of the picture and on a map within the photo’s details. Location tags can be added to new or existing images, and you can add one Instagram location tag per photo.

Does Tagging Location Help on Instagram?

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing site with billions of users. Many businesses use this platform to share photos and promote their products or services. One way to make your business stand out on Instagram is to tag your location. 

Tagging your location on Instagram can help people find your business and learn more about it. Location tags can also be used to find new places to explore and things to do in your area. 

Consider adding location tags to your posts if you are a business owner. If you are a user, check out businesses in your area that are tagging locations on Instagram. You might find some great new places to visit or things to do.

How to Create a Custom Geotag Instagram Location for Your Business?

If you want to ensure people can find your business on Instagram, you can create a custom geotag for Instagram locations. This is a great way to promote your business and make it easier for people to find you. 

To create a custom geotag, you need help from Instagram’s parent app, Facebook. Follow these steps to create a custom location for your brand in no time:

  • Open your Facebook app and create a post
  • Select the Check-In option
  • Select a location on the map or allow Facebook to use your current location
  • Type the name of your custom location in the search bar and tap + at the bottom
  • Type your custom location details, and tap Save Custom Place
  • Your custom geotag will be available on Facebook and Instagram

Benefits of Using an Instagram Location Tag for Businesses

If you are a business owner, tagging your location on Instagram can be a great way to promote your business. Here are a few benefits of using Instagram location tags for your feed posts, Stories, Reels, and Live videos.

Enhances Visibility for Your Business

When you tag your business’s Instagram location, it will appear in the app’s “Places” section. So, when someone searches for a similar phrase or your brand by name, it will appear on the list. It is a great way to increase visibility for your business and attract new customers.

Builds Your Brand

Location tags can help you build your brand on Instagram. When people see your posts tagged with the name of your business, they will begin to associate your business with that location. Moreover, Instagram shows relevant content to users, so if you have a custom location tag, it will appear on your local users’ feeds.

Increases Engagement

Tagging your location on Instagram can help you increase engagement with your posts. People who see you are nearby may be more likely to engage with your content. If users know a particular shop, boutique, or café is in their town, they like to keep tabs on their content for any sales, discounts, and giveaways.

Attracts Local Customers

If you are a local business, tagging your location on Instagram can do wonders for you. Being a local business means you thrive on local customers, and using a custom geotag on Instagram can easily attract your target audience. When people search for businesses in their area, your business will show up in the results. As a result, your brand gets more exposure, and with a carefully curated Instagram feed, you can convert clicks into paying customers.

More User-Generated Content

One of the benefits of using an Instagram location tag is that it can help you generate more user-generated content. People who see your posts tagged with a location may be more likely to share their photos from that location. This can help you attract new followers and build your brand on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Having an Instagram page for your business is not enough. You need to play with all the tools at your disposal to get the maximum benefit from this platform. A lot of brands ignore a vital growth feature: Instagram location tags. By adding a location tag to your posts, you expand your content’s exposure, making it reach more audience. As a result, you may get more followers and local customers. So, having a custom Instagram location tag is crucial for your business growth on this platform.