How To Create An Instagram Content Calendar

Instagram is an essential pillar of any brand’s marketing strategy. You can use visual content on Instagram to create brand awareness, build a following, and develop a loyal fanbase. An Instagram content calendar works best to achieve these goals and get people interested in your product or service.

A business Instagram content calendar helps you plan and schedule your posts in advance. So, you don’t have to spend every waking hour on your phone if you batch create and bulk plan your content. As a result, you show up frequently on your followers’ feeds and stay relevant without being on your phone at all times.

Why Create An Instagram Content Calendar?

Having an Instagram calendar offers two things: consistency and control.

When you use an Instagram content calendar template, you’re essentially organizing your content in a particular manner. You can plan your grid according to your goals and desires. So, when you have everything under control, you won’t be making any last-minute posts with average-quality content.

Another major benefit of an Instagram content calendar is time-efficient posting. Many social media enthusiasts, influencers, and brands complain about not having their lives outside the screen. Thanks to a content calendar, you can reclaim your offline lives without compromising your online presence.

How Do I Create An Instagram Content Calendar?

Creating an Insta calendar is no rocket science. Anyone can use an Instagram calendar template to plan their content with these simple steps:

1. Determine Your Social Media Strategy

A personalized social media strategy is crucial for creating a successful Instagram content calendar. To create your social media strategy, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What type of content do I want to post?
  • What’s the purpose of my content?
  • How often can I post?
  • Can I manage planning and scheduling posts for my account?
  • Do I need a theme for my account?
  • What’s the best time to post for my niche and time zone?

After you have the answer to these questions, you have yourself a content strategy. 

2. Perform an Instagram Audit

If you’re just starting your account, you can skip this step. But if you’ve been posting for a while, you can run an Instagram audit before making a content calendar.

By performing an audit, you can see what content performs well for your industry and what needs to be changed. This information will help you curate better content to cater to your audience and enhance engagement.

3. Content Storage System

Instagram content calendar ideas can only flourish when you have photos/videos, captions, and hashtags ready to go. If you don’t have these things ready, you won’t be able to plan your content well.

A content storage system, like Google Drive or Dropbox, is helpful while creating a content calendar. So, put all your images and videos in a folder to access them anywhere and everywhere.

4. Pick an Instagram Content Calendar Template 

Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to choose an Instagram calendar template. You can find different templates online, and different services offer quickly downloadable templates. Gramyfied also offers an Instagram content calendar template that you can download and customize according to your needs.

5. Schedule Your Content

After creating your Instagram content calendar, you can schedule your posts, Stories, and Reels to post automatically on your account. To schedule your content, you’ll need a third-party tool, like Gramyfied. It allows you to schedule content for up to 30 days for free.

People Also Asked

Does Instagram have a content calendar?

Instagram doesn’t have a built-in content calendar to organize and plan your content in advance. However, you can use different third-party apps, like Gramyfied, to map out your day, week, or month in terms of content posting.

How do I create a content calendar on Instagram?

Creating your Instagram calendar for content is easy. You need to have a social media strategy in place to start building it. After the strategy is determined, you can run an Instagram audit, pick an Instagram calendar template, and schedule your posts to be published at your preferred time and date.

How do I put monthly content on Instagram?

You can use an Instagram content calendar template to put monthly content on Instagram. It allows you to plan, organize, and schedule all your posts for the month.

How do I organize my Instagram content and plan?

You can use a Gramyfied Instagram content calendar to organize your posts and plan your entire month. Using this calendar allows you to brainstorm ideas, fill empty spaces in your monthly plan, and complete your content map for a month.

How do you make 30 days of content?

To make 30 days-worth content on Instagram, you need more than just an Instagram calendar template. Besides planning, organizing, and scheduling your content, you need to actually create it to be posted online. So, determine your content plan and create it in batches to schedule.

How do you schedule posts on Instagram 2022?

Scheduling posts on Instagram is a piece of cake with Instagram management tools like Gramyfied. Using its business Instagram content calendar, you can plan your entire month and schedule posts to publish regularly.