How To Wave on Instagram Live? – Complete Guide 2022

How To Wave on Instagram Live

Are you attempting to wave to a person or streamer on Instagram live? If that is the situation, this article will show you how. When viewers join your Instagram live, you should wave to them to let them know you saw they’ve joined and to greet them.

Alternatively, you might return the wave to the viewer or Instagrammer who initially waved to you. In any case, we shall explain how. Let’s get right to it!

What Does Instagram’s Waved at You Mean?

Instagram Live etiquette is dependent on waves. You may always “wave back” to individuals who waved at you when you’re live on the app. To do so, swipe left from the person you’re watching a photo and pick the “live” view.

In the app, you may also use a PC to convey a wave to a person. You may navigate to the person’s name by selecting the “wave” logo. After that, they’ll notice your wave, and you can reciprocate. You may also utilize Instagram Livestream to ask followers questions if you want to attract their attention. 

Steps To Wave At Someone On Instagram Live:

First, we’ll teach you how to wave to someone who joins your Instagram live feed.

So you live on Instagram in this situation. If you wish to wave back to a streamer, follow the procedures below.

1. Go live on Instagram:

  • First and foremost, you must go live on Instagram.
  • Move to your Instagram homepage to access your feed.
  • Swipe across to access the Instagram camera.
  • Select “Live” from the options below on display.

Go live on Instagram

  • If you choose, you may give your screen a title.
  • When you’re ready to begin your live, touch the shutter button in the middle at the bottom.

Go live on Instagram

  • You must wait for fans to attend your live broadcast before waving to them.

2. Make a wave to the audience:

  • When someone connects your Instagram live, you’ll get a notification in the conversation that a user “joined.”
  • There is also a “Wave” option with the waving emoji on the right side.

Wave to the viewer

  • Tap on “Wave,” which will convey a wave to the audience. You may greet each viewer that joins your live stream.
  • When you wave to a viewer, a message will appear below the join notice that says “You waved to,” followed by the viewer’s username.


Steps To Wave Back OWave to the viewern Instagram Live:

Second, here’s how you wave back to someone during an Instagram live broadcast.

You can find yourself in a position where you join a live broadcast, the host or user waves at you, and you want to return the gesture. We will demonstrate how.

You might also wave at the live user as you enter the live.

1. Participate in an Instagram live:

First and foremost, you must participate in an Instagram live broadcast. You may see which of your followers are now live by glancing in the story bar located at the top of the home page.

When you join a live broadcast, either you can wait for the user or streamer to wave initially, or you can wave yourself.

2. Return the wave or wave to the streamer:

  • First, tap on the “Comment” box to wave.

Wave back or wave to the streamer

  • As a result, your keypad will open and enable you to enter a remark.
  • To wave, though, you must first click on the emoji keypad.

Wave back or wave to the streamer

  • You can either explore until you find the waving emoji or search for “wave” in the search box once you’re on the emoji keypad.

Wave back or wave to the streamer

  • By clicking the waving emoji, it includes in your message.
  • Then, on the right side, press “Post,” and your remark will be delivered and posted!
  • That is how you may wave or return a live wave!

Frequently Asked Questions


What Does It Mean when someone waves at you on Instagram Live?

When you see someone wave at you during an Instagram live, it signifies they’re saying hello and welcoming you to their live broadcast. Sending a waving emoji back is the easiest way to respond, but you may also leave a remark.

Furthermore, only you are aware that someone waved to you. This wave is masked from the rest of the discussion and unavailable to other viewers. As a result, you will be unable to see whether other viewers have also waved it.

In general, someone waving at you is a good thing.

What Is Instagram Live's Wave Feature?
On Instagram Live, the wave function welcomes a spectator into a stream. Because the streamer may not greet you vocally, the wave function may be used to welcome viewers if they are online with another Instagram influencer.

Wrap Up:

You now understand how to wave and get waved back on Instagram Live!

Understanding how to wave back is crucial since failing to answer the person when they waved at you may make you feel harsh or disrespectful.