How to Schedule & Auto Post Instagram Reel

The wait is over – you can schedule and auto-post Instagram Reels now.

It means you can schedule Instagram Reels to auto-publish at your desired time without staying up late to publish them on your feed manually.

With Gramyfied, you can plan and post your Reels on your feed without any hassle. Learning how to schedule Reels on Instagram with Gramyfied is a piece of cake.

How to Schedule Reels on Instagram With Gramyfied

Gramyfied is a reliable tool for scheduling Instagram Reels, and the process of scheduling is extremely easy.

Here’s how to schedule Reels on Instagram with Gramyfied:

Step 1: Link Your Instagram Account

  • On your desktop or mobile app, Sign Up or Login to Gramyfied
  • Select Add Social Profile
  • Tap on Instagram and connect your profile

Step 2: Upload Your Reel to Gramyfied’s Media Library

After connecting your account, you can upload your edited Reels from your phone’s gallery to Gramyfied’s Media Library. You can use third-party apps to edit Instagram Reels.

Step 3: Write a Caption and Add Hashtags

Once your Reel is uploaded, you can open the Post Builder to add a fitting caption. You can also include relevant and strategic keywords and hashtags to the Reel. It will help maximize your reach and boost engagement on your Instagram Reels.

Pro Tip: You can save your most-used hashtags in Gramyfied’s Saved Captions feature to save time while scheduling Instagram Reels.

Step 4: Crop Your Reel (Optional)

This step is optional; you don’t need to perform it if your Reels are already optimized for optimal viewing.

You can crop your Reel size and adjust its length using Edit and Trim tools.

Instagram supports 90-second-long Reels with an aspect ratio of 9:16. So if your Reels are not following this format, you can optimize them using Gramyfied.

Besides cropping the video aspect ratio and adjusting its length, you can select a frame from your Reel as its Cover.

Please note that uploading custom cover images on your Reels is not available at this moment due to API restrictions.

Step 5: Select the Time and Date to Schedule Your Reel

Once you are satisfied with your Reel, you can choose a desired date and time to post your Instagram Reel. Then, scroll down to Settings, toggle the Share to Feed option, and tap Save. By toggling this option on or off, you can decide whether you want your Reel showing in your Instagram feed or not.

Why Pick Gramyfied to Schedule Instagram Reels on Your Account?

Choosing the right tool to schedule Instagram Reels can be tricky. So, what makes scheduling Reels on Gramyfied worth it?

By selecting Gramyfied’s Instagram schedule Reels plan, you get the following perks:

  • Schedule up to 30 Instagram posts per month
  • Auto-post Instagram Reels
  • Add unlimited videos to Gramyfied’s media library
  • Saved Caption tool to save time
  • In-app editing of videos, including crop, edit, and filter
  • Link multiple accounts
  • Mobile app and desktop access

In short, the Gramyfied Instagram manager tool is best for scheduling Reels to auto-post them at your desired times. You can keep your feed organized and consistent by using this tool and see a significant boost in your engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you auto schedule Instagram Reels?

With Gramyfied, you can auto schedule Reels on Instagram. By scheduling Reels on Gramyfied, you can plan and post your content strategically to boost engagement without spending all your time on the phone.

Can you schedule and auto post Instagram Stories?

Besides scheduling Instagram Reels on Gramyfied, you can also use it to schedule and auto post Instagram Stories. This tool makes scheduling and auto-posting of Insta Stories quick and simple.

How do you schedule automatic posts on Instagram?

You can use third-party apps and Instagram manager tools, like Gramyfied, to schedule automatic Instagram posts for your personal or public account. To do that, you’ll need to link your Instagram account to the Gramyfied app. After connecting, you can compose a post, and instead of posting it right away, save it as a draft and Schedule for Later.

Can you preview a Reel before posting?

Yes, you can preview your Instagram Reel before posting it online. Instagram schedule Reels can also be previewed and edited before scheduling. You can edit your Reel as many times as you want before scheduling or posting it by adding more clips to it or deleting the already existing ones.

How does Instagram Reel algorithm work?

Scheduling Reels on Gramyfied is the first step to boosting your engagement via Reels. After your Reel has been posted, the Instagram Reel algorithm comes into play. It considers how many users have interacted with a particular Reel and whether they interacted with the creator directly. It means your Instagram Reel’s likes, comments, tags, saves, and DMs all play a role in boosting your content engagement.

Can you schedule Reels on Creator Studio?

No, you cannot use the Meta Creator Studio app or website to schedule Instagram Reels. Instagram’s API allows you to schedule feed photos and videos, but there is no option to schedule Reels and Stories as of now. However, if you know how to schedule Reels on Instagram with Gramyfied, you’re good to go.