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How to hide likes on instagram?

Social media have a common complaint that it is driving an obsession with engagements, but this is not for Instagram because Instagram offers a solution for this problem. You can hide the likes on Instagram so that your followers’ main focus must be the content, not the likes of the post.

There are different things to post, just like photos, videos, and the stories from them, you can get likes and comments. You can build a community to share your talent by posting and engagements. There are different ways to hide the likes on Instagram. You can hide the likes while creating a post, and also, after the posting, you can do it.

How to turn off the like on an Instagram post before posting it

You can hide the likes on Instagram by following these steps.

  • You can hide the number of likes on the post by disabling the feature in the post
  • Open the app and go to your account by tapping the account icon in the lower right
  • Tap on the three-line menu at the top right
  • Then tap the setting
  • There is a search field at the top of the setting page. Type the posts and tap posts when you find them in the search field
  • Go to the like and views section, swipe the button to the right to turn on the hide like and view counts.

Tap on postsHide like count

How to hide likes on others’ Instagram posts

It is effortless if you want to hide the likes from the post you are scrolling. You have to follow these steps:

  • Navigate the Instagram profile
  • Tap the three lines menu at the upper right and then tap on the setting
  • Tap Privacy
  • Now you have to tap posts
  • Snap on the button next to hide like and view counts.

You will no longer see like counts on the post when you scroll down on Instagram.

Hide like and view counts button

How to see the likes on Instagram again

The critical thing to remember is that all the changes you are making are not permanent. You can change it at any time. If you hide the likes on your posts or the other’s post, it will always be easy to change them according to your mind.

Suppose you want to see the likes of others again. Just navigate to your privacy setting and toggle the button off next to the hide likes and view counts.

To show the likes on your posts, navigate the post go to the three lines dots, and unhide the like count. If you are not going to apply this feature, it will be helpful for you that you know how to implement it on the post of your own or the posts from others’ accounts.

Your Instagram Activity


Why is Instagram giving users the option to hide likes?

The main reason for giving users the option to hide the likes is to reduce the social media pressure, user can see the username of other individuals but will not get the total figure. There is some reason why Instagram is offering this feature to its users:

  • To depressurize the people’s experience
  • Users will see the name of the people who are to like them instead the number
  • In several countries, this feature has been tested, but now it is world widely used               

The mental health of the users

Recent studies show that we tend to associate our success with followers, likes, and comments, especially in our teenage years. Research reveals in 2020, in brazil, that 53% of girls hide the body parts they don’t like before posting their pic on Instagram.

Another study shows that about 43% of girls deleted their accounts because they got fewer like and have low social-emotional well-being. Internet is not friendly for everyone; some people made their careers using Instagram, but some go desperate because they can’t get people’s attention and receive fewer likes and comments.

An oxford internet institute study also found a relation between little associations between social media and some mental health.

Mr Mosseri said Instagram – owned by Facebook – introduced the feature to make “people feel good about the time they spend” on the platform.

“I do think there’s more to do in this space,” he added. “The more we can give people the ability to shape Instagram and Facebook into what’s good for them, the better.”

So Instagram launched these features to depressurize the user and experiment shoes they are getting success in it, and the results were beneficial but not for all. They were annoying to some people, so in 2021, the parent company met and announced the best option that users could hide or unhide their likes.

What is the Effect of hiding likes on your post?

When Instagram started hiding like on social media and got success in this regard, it firstly rolled in Australia and Canada. Once make the change, you no longer see the number of likes on the posts. Post just display “and others” instead of showing likes counts.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of hiding the likes from the post.

Advantages of hiding the likes from the post

Here are some bright points:

  • Removing the number of likes from the post may be a positive move just for the users’ mental health.
  • By hiding the number of likes on the posts, users can post images and ideas that are thoughtful and important to them.
  • They can improve their social interaction with others with fewer likes on the posting user hesitate to interact with others.
  • There will be no anxiety about the fewer likes because other users are not able to see the likes so they will go for the competition over likes and engagements,
  • Stress and pressure always reduce performance, which is the way to success.
  • With fewer likes, the user may be cut off from others, so hiding the posts’ likes is very helpful for them.

Disadvantages of hiding the likes from the post

Hiding the likes from the post also has some downsides:

  • Brands and marketers may lose out because the user could be less motivated to like a post just because everyone is doing it.
  • The value of using Instagram has the potential to decrease with the elimination of likes.
  • It is no surprise for influencers, and there will be less revenue for the influencer.

The main thing that matters on Instagram is the content quality and your posts’ consistency. If you are posting attractive and eye-catching content, don’t worry about the likes and engagements. You will get it soon, but your primary focus should be the quality of the content, not the number of likes.

How to track your hidden Instagram likes

There are some insight apps from them. You can know your account’s likes, comments, and many other things. Instagram’s in-app analytics solution gives you an overview of your account that includes all the information like how many engagements you have, how your follower is growing, and how many likes your post is getting.

For all this, you have to need a business creator profile. This is very easy to switch. Just follow the given instructions:

  • Go to your settings
  • Tap account
  • Then tap the switch account type

When you get it, go to the business profile from your Instagram profile and hit the insight button below your bio; scroll down to find the contents you shared part. This will show you the activity of your last seven days. Tap the arrow symbol on the right side.

You should focus on the other areas, just like keywords, Mentions, and hashtags more than likes, and tour main focus should be content quality.


How do I hide my likes on Instagram on my iPhone?

  1. Open Instagram on your iPhone.
  2. Touch your profile image in the tab area found alongside the button.
  3. Scroll through your feed and tap your post whose likes you’d like to hide.
  4. Tap three dots in the top-right corner above the post, then hide like count.
Why can't I hide likes on Instagram?
You can’t hide the like of the post in the form of bulk, and you can do it individually, tap on the hidden view and like counts on this post.
Can you hide who sees your likes on Instagram?
Instagram offers this feature that you can hide the like count on your posts, and this is very simple go to the setting and on the button to hide the like count.
Can others see how many likes are on Instagram?
It’s your choice what privacy you want to apply on your account; usually, people can see the like count of your post, but if you want to hide it, you can listen to it quickly because Instagram has the option in its privacy and from there you can hide it.
How to turn off likes on Instagram?
There are some easy steps you have to follow; Tap on the menu bar in the upper right-hand corner of your profile page and elect settings, toggle ‘’hide’’ and view counts on or off.


Instagram offers the feature to hide likes from the posts, and you can hide the likes on your posts and others. The overall result of this feature is that most people are delighted with this option to release the pressure and are effortless with it. But the majority of the people even don’t care about it at all.

The users who are mostly are those who depend on the engagements for the revenue. However, as the CEO and founder of the brand, font need likes anyway. This is a good option for people who suffer from anxiety. This will improve their mental health, and they will start engaging with others without hesitation. But most people don’t even care about the likes.