Best Drag & Drop Instagram Visual Planner

Get Your Grid Just Right With The Best Instagram Visual Planner

Instagram is all about eye-catching visuals. Breathtaking visuals and Instagram marketing go hand in hand. You can elevate your Instagram marketing strategy by carefully creating and curating your grid.

Gramyfied Instagram visual planner can help you promptly plan and post your photos and videos. Using our drag-and-drop planner, you can perfect your feed before actually posting your photos online.

Drag and Drop Instagram Visual Planner

Plan your grid in advance with Gramyfied – the best Instagram visual planner. With its drag-and-drop planner, you can curate a feed that satisfies the perfectionist in you. Besides planning your grid, you can schedule posts, and this tool will post everything automatically. You don’t even have to deal with push notifications.

Instagram Planner for Visual Content

Gramyfied visual planner allows you to drag and drop photos within the media library to create a visual paradise. Besides this feature, you also get the following: 

Scheduling Posts

After curating a visually appealing feed with Gramyfied, you can schedule your posts, including photos, videos, carousels, Stories, and Reels.

Editing Tools

With its built-in editing tools, you can use Gramyfied as your editing app. It offers a photo editor with all the essential features, like crop, sharpen, focus, text, draw, and many more. Besides, you can also add different filters to your posts from right inside the app.

Media Library

Gramyfied also acts as a media library for your photos and videos. You can upload unlimited photos and videos to this platform using your phone, computer, or online drive.

People Also Ask

Does Instagram have a planner?

Instagram doesn’t have its own visual planner. However, since visual planners are crucial for curating a proper feed, several third-party Instagram visual planners get the job done. These planners are specifically created for Instagram and ensure ease of use.

How do I use visual Instagram planner in Later?

Using Later’s Instagram visual planner is easy. You can see your published posts along with your scheduled ones in the feed. Using its drag and drop feature, you can rearrange unpublished posts to your desired setting. After creating a feed you like, you can save changes and schedule posts to publish at your preferred date and time. You can also delete unpublished posts from Later’s feed.

Is Preview planner for Instagram free?

Yes, Preview is one of the best Instagram visual planners available at the moment. For free, it allows users to plan, schedule, and auto-post unlimited posts, Stories, Reels, and carousels.

What is the best app to plan your Instagram feed?

Different apps are available for planning a perfect Instagram feed. Gramyfied has one of the best drag-and-drop visual planners to help you create a gorgeous-looking Insta feed in no time.

How do I organize my Instagram feed?

To organize your Instagram feed using Gramyfied, you can use its Instagram visual planner desktop version or app. Gramyfied allows you to arrange and rearrange your posts before posting them online. You can use the drag and drop, swap, or shuffle features to organize your feed to your liking.

How do you plan a grid on Instagram?

To plan a grid on Instagram, you must keep your brand’s personality in mind. You also need to define a color palette and content type to post. After these things are decided, you can pick an Instagram grid layout, a filter, captions, and hashtags and schedule your posts using Gramyfied Instagram visual planner.