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Looking for Best Canvas Size For Instagram Procreate? Your canvas must be at least 2000 pixels long and 1200 pixels wide for digital art that will only be displayed on the web and social media.

With this in mind, what size should I choose for Instagram art? Maintain a ratio of 9.16 and a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels. Go to “Actions” and “Share” to be able to upload your creation from Procreate to Instagram. You may then submit your work in a variety of formats. JPG and PNG are the most used formats for posting your work on social platforms.

The optimum canvas size for Instagram Procreate is 3.5′′ x 5.0′′ at 500 PPI. When applied with the iOS Digital Art App, this canvas size produces outstanding output on mobile devices and Facebook. However, the details are in the following guide.

What is the optimal Procreate resolution?

The market standard for optimal print quality is 300 PPI/DPI. A lesser DPI/PPI will seem acceptable based on the printed dimension of your item and the viewing distance. I would not go lower than 125 DPI/PPI.

Image Size:

Following are the standard sizes for photographs you wish to post on Instagram.

Canvas Size Dimensions:

The width and height of the canvas must be at least 1080 pixels.

Image dimensions:

The optimal image size are 1080px by 1080px. It should not be portrait-oriented, but it may be landscape-oriented.

How do I share from Procreate to Instagram?

Check that you have installed the most recent editions of the Procreate and Instagram applications. You do not need to wait for an edited version. If you can’t get a given function to operate, update your current version.

Mobile Phones:

Depending on your mobile device, whether an apple or an Android, you may or may not have accessibility to certain functionalities.

Three Steps to Export Procreate Art to Instagram:

It’s simple to upload your digital work on Instagram. However, you must first transfer your data from Procreate. In three stages, here’s how to export your artwork.

  1. Navigate to the Menu and select the “Actions” option.
  2. Press the “Share” button.
  3. Then select “JPEG.”

Keep track of where you saved your document so you can locate it later if you want to publish it. Storing your work in jpeg format can flatten all of your layers and save it as a tiny canvas size. It will be small enough to publish on most social media platforms.

File Formats Supported by Procreate for Sharing:

Digital artists can use a variety of drawing applications. Procreate is among the most famous. Procreate is an iPad sketching and painting application. It offers several characteristics that make it an excellent application for artists who wish to show their creations to others.

Procreate export files in six formats: PDF, PSD, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and native. Procreate. If you want to publish your creations, you should export them in the most common format. Procreate export files in various forms, although PDF is often the best.

  • PDF: The most often used format for transferring files from Procreate. PDFs are ideal for sending to Mac users who are using Adobe Acrobat or Preview.
  • PSD: Because it keeps all layers and graphics in Procreate, this file format is ideal for sharing with other artists or developers.
  • PNG: The most basic file type, although it does not keep layers or opacity like PSD. It’s best utilised when you only want to post one picture online without changing it.
  • JPEG: This is a compact file format that loses information during translation. It supports transparency and layering but also masks certain features, so use it with caution.
  • TIFF: TIFF is a format that keeps layers and transparency. It may be worthwhile if you have the time to devote to converting your photographs to TIFF format. A TIFF format is the most durable option since it fully and correctly keeps the clarity of your pictures at huge sizes while being acceptable for online use. This option does not entirely or correctly maintain the clarity of your photographs at bigger sizes, but it is ideal for printing on a good-quality printer.
  • Procreate Native File: This file format is exclusive to Procreate. Creations stored in this file format are compatible with other graphics programs to support the same file type. Since Procreate Files are accessible with every primary picture editing tool, this is the case.

Which Canvas Size Is Best for Instagram Digital Art?

Personal opinion governs the best canvas size for Instagram digital art. Some individuals keep their digital artwork tiny to make it easier to publish and post online. Others choose to enlarge it so that they may print it.

How to Upload Art to Instagram from Procreate?

The Procreate software is an excellent application for digital painters to use while creating and editing artworks. It contains many options, such as the capability to transfer your artwork to Instagram. Moving artwork from Procreate to Instagram is simple and uncomplicated.

You will need the following items to post your artwork from Procreate to Instagram:

  1. An iPhone with the most recent Procreate software loaded.
  2. A free Instagram account

Can You Post Art on Your Personal Instagram Account?

You have a choice of either a private or a business account. When it concerns sharing and posting your art to the app, both have the same possibilities.

Each account type has a personal and public account option. You may choose to show your drawings to the public or store them yourself. They are saved in the app’s cloud, using very little storage on your phone if they’re shared.

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Wrap Up:

Instagram is a terrific social networking platform for posting digital artwork and other crafts. The concept is that people may publish their work to the world and receive advice from other artists and admirers.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What canvas size is best for Instagram?
It is suggested that your image be 1080 pixels wide in both orientations. Landscape photographs seem best at 1080 x 566 pixels, while portrait images look great at 1080 x 1350 pixels
What size canvas should I use in Procreate?
If you use Procreate for regular digital work, 500 PPI at 3.5′′ x 5.0′′ is an ideal size to utilize. Combined with the iPhone Digital Art App, this canvas size produces excellent outcomes on smartphones and Facebook.
How do I resize a canvas in Procreate on Instagram?
Instagram post sizes should be 1080 pixels wide by 566 pixels to 1350 pixels. Instagram’s maximum resolution is 1080 pixels wide.
How do you post high-quality digital art on Instagram?
One method is to attach your compact digital art (JPEG file) to an email. Most individuals have email addresses, so all you have to do is send the document to yourself. As long as you have emails on your phone, you may download the attachment and use it to post it to your Instagram profile.